I write about the potential of technology to both reduce and entrench existing inequalities, and offer suggestions on how to use it for the former. CS Student.

The speed at which we are developing essential technologies is leaving the most vulnerable behind

by Jacob Lund from Noun Project

Digitalisation: the act of converting something physical to something digital as part of a wider transformation effort

Digitalisation is a word that has become increasingly familiar to the British population over the past year, as essential services have been moved online across the course of the pandemic: from grocery shopping

While the A-level results algorithm has been scrapped, this is just the beginning of the fight against encoding bias

The image of hundreds of students camped outside the Department of Education chanting “Fuck the algorithm” is one out of a science fiction movie; forced to leave their homes to protest for their futures, which are almost entirely dependent on the whims of a mythical ‘algorithm’. They have not…

According to John Locke, this makes the US overdue for a revolution, but in what form?

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

What is Social Contract Theory?

Social contract theory is based on a real or hypothetical agreement between the people and their rulers, whereby people agree to surrender some of the freedom they enjoyed in a ‘state of nature’ (life without government), in return for the protection and security of government.

This theory has been developed…

As Boris Johnson falls victim to his government’s disastrous COVID-19 policy, can we hope for a new age of empathetic politics?

In John Rawles’ 1971 book ‘Theory of Justice’, he wrote about a thought experiment which would come to be known as the ‘Veil of Ignorance’. In it, Rawls proposed that the only way for a person to design a truly just society would be behind a veil of ignorance where…


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